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(A complete package of Basic to Advanced Level Technical Analysis Course, which includes Equity, Future & Options,Commodity, Investment, Mutual Fund & Trading Psychology)


This course is specially designed for those who wants one two one interaction with a mentor.
Share your thoughts to your mentor and get feedback and directions in order to build a strong trading career.Your mentor will watch you working and suggest what is right or wrong in your trading to give you a perspective so with this perspective we are here with our Live Market One Two One Technical Analysis Course.

One two one journey includes 12 months direct guidance of a mentor (3 month Live Market TA course + 9 months Hand-holding after the course).

Topics Covered

1) Introduction to Technical Analysis – What are Charts and Types of Charts

2) Dow Theory – Understand phases of markets and how they influence price in near and long run

3) How to draw Support and Resistance, Trend Line and Channels

4) Learn how to find out Trend,
you know there are trends within trend – Up / Down / Sideways

5) Gap Theory

6) Candlestick Pattern – Learn valid/invalid methods of strongest reversal candlestick patterns. (Morning & Evening Star, Bullish & Bearish Engulfing, Bullish & Bearish Piercing, Bullish & Bearish Harami, Doji , Hammer, Hanging man, Shooting Star, Inverted Hammer, Maribozu & Inside bar)

7) Learn how to trade when price breaks out Patterns

8) Indicators & Oscillators -Learn how Indicators works

Uses of BASIC & ADVANCE Indicators in a very different and effective way.


9) Entry,Exit, SL & Trailing SL

10) Tailor-made Strategies

11) A complete guideline for investing in equity, ETFs & Mutual Funds

a. Invest

1.Trading vs Investing

2. Type of Investing

3. Investing Psychology

4. Strategy for Bull Market Investing

5. Strategy for Bear Market Strategy

b. Exchange Traded Funds

1. What are ETFs, and how do they work ?

2. Investment Strategy for ETFs?

c. Mutual Funds

1. What is a mutual fund?

2.Fund Structure and AMC

3. Different categories of mutual funds

4. New Fund Offer – NFO

12) Commodity

Fundamental & Technical Analysis of Commodities:

1. Classification of Commodities
2.Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
3. Basics of Economics Theory
4. Practical Aspects of Economic Theory
5.Seasonality Analysis
6.Market Response
7.Market Expectations

Analysis of Commodities:

1. Basic Flow and MEIs
2. Types and Classifications
3.Indian, Global & US MEIs
4. Impacting Eco Policy
5. Impact of MEIs on Currency and Commodity Prices
6.Statistical Relationships

13) Option

a. Option Chain Analysis
b. Option Greeks
( Analysis of Delta, Theta, Gamma & Beta)
c. Gamma Scalping
d. Option Buying
e. Option Selling
f. Option Scanner

14) Event Trading

15) Risk Management

16) Money Management

17) Trading Psychology

18) Live Market Study

19) Live Trading Sessions

What Hand-holding will include –

• Questions will be answered from 10 am to 10 pm

• We will monitor how efficiently you are following the path that we taught in our TA Course

• It will be about correcting you if you are forcing the pattern

• It will include trade monitoring


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