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Alpha Basic To Advance Technical Analysis Course

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Technical analysis is an important tool in today’s market environment. The participants in the market have to make either of the two decisions, whether to buy or to sell. 

TA is a very vast subject. However, there are certain aspects of technical analysis that you can learn and apply effectively in a small amount of time to transform your perspective of the market. This will make your decision making much easier.

Students will learn the technical analysis of stocks in the form of art of working in Intraday and Positional Trades, variety of techniques for understanding the market behaviour and psychology of a normal Investor/Trader and how the stock markets react to this, with the help of charts. It will be an insightful experience to test various methods and tools to detect the pulse of the markets and determine the trend in which the prices are moving. It covers various dimensions – from the detection of good, high-quality trades to money management skills using risk reward analysis needed for money management and risk assessment. After having completed the course, a student should be well equipped to analyse the trend in which the market is moving and trade both in the equity and derivative segments.


This covers a wide range of topics in a simple way so that you can kick start analysing the market in a much better way. The course will empower you so that you can take your decisions on your own based on the conviction of knowledge and logic.

Topics Covered

1) Introduction to Technical Analysis – What are Charts and Types of Charts

2) How to draw Support and Resistance, Trend Line and Channels

3) Learn how to find out Trend, you know there are trends within trend – Up / Down / Sideways

4) Gap Theory

5) Candlestick Pattern

6) Learn how to trade when price breaks out Patterns

7) Indicators & Oscillators -Learn how Indicators works

8) Entry,Exit, SL & Trailing SL

9)Money & Risk Management

10) Trading Psychology


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